We hope you all are doing good and remaining in good health.

The HSS board decided to use the Gita Bhawan entrance for regular Sunday service and also for all the functions for the winter months from October 1st.

The HSS board is here to serve you.

A few festivals coming up soon. Please mark on your calendar and attend!

For any information, please phone:

  • Leela Sharma: 306-380-7737
  • Amit Dhawan: 780-908-6468
  • Mythily Venkatraman: 306-934-5932

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Navratri starting from October 17th to 24th

Vijayadashami Dussehra – October 25th

Temple will be open every day during the Navratri for half hour

Oct 17th to Oct 23nd – 7:00 to 7:30pm Pujas Oct 24th and 25th (timing given below)

Celebrates DURGA-PUJA on Oct. 24th @ HSS Temple

Puja start time: 10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Please follow the Health Authority Guidelines

For any information, please contact:

  • Supritam Ghosh: 306-241-2892
  • Arati Chattopadhyay: 306-261-0556

Live telecast: We will do a live telecast of the puja on Facebook page so that anyone can join and watch the puja: https://www.facebook.com/saskatoondurgapuja/

Saskatoon Sharbojonin Puja Porishod Celebrates DURGA-PUJA

on Oct. 24th @ Gita-Bhawan

October 25th, 2020 @ Shri Lakshmi Narayan Temple (Gita Bhawan)
10:30am to 1:30pm
Only 50 devotees at a time
Please follow the Health Authority Guidelines.

For any other information please contact:

  • Prosanta Mondol: 306-203-3269 or
  • Debal Chaouwdhury: 306-716-3666

Link for Zoom (password is not required):

Karva Chauth

Because of the social distance Karva Chauth on Tuesday, Nov 3rd, 2020 is CANCELLED

Diwali is on November 14th

Temple will open for an hour 7:00 to 8:00pm

Lakshmi Puja – November 22nd

10:30am @ Both halls; Temple and Gita Bhawan – Only 21 families in each hall allowed
**Please give your names as soon as you can in order to take part in the puja**
More details to follow!!!!


Please use the GITA-BHAWAN-ENTRANCE for the Durga Pujas, other events and regular Sunday services

The SECURITY-GUARDS and couple of board members will be at the Temple/Gita Bhawan to guide devotees with social distancing, masks, hand sanitizing and monitoring the numbers of devotees.

Devotees must use FACE-MASK – Please inform devotees to bring their mask.


Devotees must use HAND-SANITIZER before entering the Gita Bhawan, available at the Gita Bhawan entrance

We need the INFORMATION OF ALL DEVOTEES attending the Puja. Please write your name and phone numbers on the paper at the entrance of the Gita- Bhawan.

Please keep the SOCIAL-DISTANCING. Family members can sit together but others have to follow the social distance.

ONLY 45 INDIVIDUALS in Temple worship hall and 50 INDIVIDUALS in Gita Bhawan will be allowed at any given time. If more shows up, please request devotes to limit their time and give other devotees to attend the puja.

  • Devotees should be PREPARED TO WAIT in a queue for your turn to enter the Temple/ Gita Bhawan.
  • Use of MICROPHONES OR SOUND SYSTEM are not allowed
  • GROUP-SINGING is not allowed.
  • Devotees should COOPERATE WITH SECURITY-GUARDS and all other safety guidelines.
  • NO TOUCHING the food/Prasad. The organizers will look after the prasad.
  • PACKED LUNCH/PRASAD will be given by the organizers at the EXIT only.
  • NO EATING inside the Gita Bhawan or basement

SECURITY GUARDS will be there monitoring the number of devotees at the Gita Bhawan/Temple and following the guidelines.

Humble request for the donation

As you all know that we have restrictions for the temple Sunday services or functions/events, no rentals, Annual banquet was cancelled.
It was getting very difficult to manage monthly mortgage and utility bills. In this situation, the board decided to defer the mortgage for 6 months and is continuing paying the mortgage/loan’s interest of about $1000 a month.

This coming November, six months will be over and we have to start to pay the regular mortgage payments (principal and Interest). This will cause more worry for this board.

  • The board member has reduced the expenses in many ways they can.
  • The linen service is cancelled, temple cleaning service is only done twice in six months (board members taking care of cleaning),
  • Loraas service is reduced to once a month instead of four times a month etc.

We urge you to please give donations to your own temple. This is our responsibility to make sure the temple is running smoothly.
You can send cheque or e-transfer [email protected] or commit to pay monthly pre-authorised payment for a year or two (any amount is appreciated, as little as $15 a month will go a long way)

We, as the HSS Board, are here to serve you better and aim to foster the spirit of community friendship, peace, and devotion to the Lord Lakshmi Narayan.