HSS went through a tumultuous time with the untimely demise of Dr. Lakshman. HSS is very fortunate that Dr. Suresh  Kalagnanam was able to provide his expertise in leading some of the poojas for the temple at that time. A lifelong learner, Dr. Kalagnanam, has been leading the Hinduism classes since their inception. He believes in transferring our heritage and values to our future generation and if you participate in any Pooja at the temple you will notice our young disciples at the forefront. Suresh very ably brings the perspective of Hinduism to the multi-faith forum in the community and utilizes the ideas of Hinduism in academic papers. Suresh has deep roots in the Saskatoon community and has been integral to our temple be it with taking tours of citizens through or serving on the board of directors.

  — Anu Kashyap —