Suniti Saini

Suniti Saini came to Saskatoon with her husband Om Saini and three children in mid-seventy. She had a Masters in Sanskrit and Hindi. She got a teaching position in Department of Religious Studies University of Saskatchewan. Other than teaching and taking care of her family she dedicated most of her time in the service of temple. Suniti was very good bhajan singer and an accomplished dholak player. We all depended on Suniti for 24 hours continue Ramayan Path on Ramnaumi festival. Attending temple services every week, she felt that there was need for children in the community to learn Hindi. So she started offering Hindi classes for young children. Suniti was very good teacher, and liked by students. Suman Gupta assisted her in teaching the children. Mayadi also helped her, whenever she needed. Suniti was also very instrumental in making sure that children coming to temple and learning Hindi also learn their Indian culture. She wrote kids plays on Mahabharat and Ramayan and helped children perform these plays at festival congregations at temple. The pictures below depict the plays presented by children under Suniti’s guidance. People in the community appreciated the hard work Suniti did in teaching children. One Mr. Prakash Narain Mathur a member in the community was very appreciative of Suniti’s work. He used to encourage children in the community to take part in the Hindi school. To show his appreciation, twice he gave awards to children who took part in these plays that Suniti organized. Many other respected individuals in the community supported the Hindi school that Suniti operated by giving donations to temple in support of the Hindi School. Her hand written all songs in Hindi and English are still our temple bhajan books being used every week.

Suniti was also elected as the President of Hindu Society of Saskatchewan in 1998 for two years. She did exemplary work during her term as a president.

Suniti’s life was cut short when she lost her life in a car accident few years back.