Happy Mother’s Day

Moms are the ones who complete our lives. Moms are the ones who bring happiness, love, care, strength, joy, courage and her blessings into our lives. With lots of love, wishing Happy Mother’s Day to all the special moms out there.

Please join every Sunday

Shri Lakshmi Narayan Temple’s Sunday Service on Zoom

May 10th – 10:30am

Meeting ID: 562 172 649

No Passwords
Same format as regular temple service

ManglaCharanam – Neelam Chaukla – Temple Bhajan Book Page 2
Prarthana – Neelam Chaukla – Temple Bhajan Book Page 6

Mantra & Meditation Dr. Brij Sinha
Ganesh-Stuti – Manju Sharma – Temple Bhajan Book Page 14

Bhajans by:
Ambika Chaukla
Subash Biswal
Latha Naik
Rajib Poddar
Lochini Bala

Announcements – Leela Sharma
Kirtan – Laxmi ji Bhargava Page 162/163
Arati – Anu Kashyap Page 166/167
Samarpanama – Leela Sharma Page 170/171
Mantrapushpanjali – Dr. Kulwant Rai Page 172/173

Anyone wants to sing a bhajan on Sunday service, please let us know.