New Contact Information for Temple Related Inquiries:
hin[email protected]
Vishal Jheengut – 306-260-7195
Subash Biswal – 306-241-7755

Namaste Everyone,

The HSS board will continue Sunday prayer from 10:30AM to 12:30 PM on Zoom to all devotees who are unable to attend. Please find below the link for Zoom.

Kindly note that the Temple will also remain open for Darshan as well on Sundays. There is still a limit of 30 people inside the Temple as per regulations.

We look forward to seeing you.

HSS BOARD 2021-22

President – Vishal Jheengut
Vice President – Vishal Gupta
Treasurer – Narendra Panchal
Secretary – Meenu Sharma
Program Coordinator – Naveen Diddi
Fundraising Coordinator – Dr Sudhir Suryavanshi
Facilities Coordinator – Rakesh Halari
Member at Large – Subash Biswal
Member at Large – Dr Vasudha Erraguntla