She moved to Saskatoon with her family Anil Khosla and two children from Kenya in 1979. Indra worked for many years at the Saskatchewan Research Council as a lab technician.

Indra is always caring, helping, smiling, loving, and affectionate individual, who loves cooking and she was a great cook. In those days, the community did not have any Indian chef. The women cooked together for the festivals, weddings, and big gatherings. It was a very tough job, but thanks to Indra, she started taking these responsibilities on her shoulder alone. Soon most of the big hotels requested her to join them to teach their chefs Indian dishes and supervise the events. She started with Holiday inn followed by Delta Bessborough, Saskatchewan Place, Radisson, TCU place, and Prairie Land.

Indra had organized Hindu Society vegetarian banquets for the last 33 years. Initially, Indra was asked for a big commitment of about 200 people, and now Indra was cooking for over 500 hundred people. Indra always presents herself with grace and smile. The 2018 banquette dinner was a record of about 600 guests.

The vegetarian banquette dinner has gained such a high reputation, which will be very difficult for us to maintain without Indra.

Our beloved dear friend Indra Khosla passed away on November 26, 2018. We all will miss you.