After the Hindu Temple of Saskatoon was established, more and more programs were initiated to make it a center of not just religion but learning and culture. Volunteers who were talented and knowledgeable in the fields initiated language Suniti Saini, Chandbala Kishan, Usha Lakhanpal played dholak (Indian drums) and Harmonium classes by Mayadi   and brick by brick, they started molding the minds and talents of young and old alike.

Mayadi, taught Harmonium to at least 30 people ranging in ages from 5 years to mature age adults over the course of 30 years. I was one of her first students and will be forever grateful to her for imparting the gift of music to my entire family and me. She became the candle that spread the light of her talent to countless others and this indirectly also helped in the temple programming as we had harmonium accompaniment for the bhajans sung in the course of the weekly services on a rotation basis.

Mayadi’s devotion to the temple and its smooth functioning and programming is exemplary and very inspiring. She gave her time and efforts selflessly and imparted her talents without any ulterior motives. The very nominal fee of $10.00/month for about 25 years and then $50.00 towards the end was always donated back to the temple.

I salute Mayadi’s patience, perseverance and the cheerfulness with which she spent countless hours in training fingers to make music – and leave us all with that gift. Her teachings affected and touched all our lives and for that, we shall always be thankful.

— Veena Avinashi —