HSS has been offering rich spiritual experiences through their outstanding services to the Hindu community of Saskatoon. The community has been generous in taking care of the temple’s operating expenses in many ways. One such effort was conceived and introduced in 1993, which has become an ongoing, annual fund raising event. This effort not only brought funds to the temple, but also involved direct participation of the whole community in this spiritual activity. This effort was the brainchild of Mythili Venkatraman who introduced this effort during the years between 1993-1995 when she served as the Treasurer of HSS. She introduced a new practice of having the devotees participate in the Samoohika Pooja for various gods and provided the opportunity for all devotees to make a suggested financial contribution. The devotees enjoyed performing Pooja at the temple, while helping in the temple fundraising efforts. The sponsors of these Pooja took care of the expenses incurred and the devotees took home the Vigrahas that were given to them for performing the Pooja. The Pooja was ably conducted with strict adherence to Vedic traditions by Dr. Lakshman for many years. This tradition has now become part of HSS’s annual fund raising efforts and the year 2018 witnessed the 25th anniversary of this activity.

—-Mythili Venkatraman—-

Dr. Lakshman’s contributions to the temple extend much beyond performing Poojas to celebrate the important festivals. Dr. Lakshman was passionate about Srimad Bhagavad-Gita Gita and he imparted the knowledge from the Gita each week as part of the religious discourse during regular worship hours. His interest was not in simply chanting the slokas but highlighting how the lessons in the slokas apply to our daily lives. This is another activity that has continued with other community members participating in these weekly discourses. As such, he was very knowledgeable about Hinduism and shared his knowledge with children, youth and adults through a variety of forums. He also started chanting classes for interested adults, which was a weekly affair after the completion of Sunday worship. Dr.Lakshman was very particular about right pronunciation and took the time to ensure that the chanting class students learned properly. A final significant contribution is that he encouraged the HSS Board to introduce Hinduism classes for children, which has now been running for over ten years.

—-Suresh Kalangam—-
Our dear Lakshman attained the lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba peacefully on August 11, 2013.