Temple Sunday Services, Functions and Activities – Cancelled until further notice

Yoga – Cancelled

Vegetarian Banquet, April 4th 2020 – Cancelled

Ram Navami function April 5th – Cancelled

Health-Seminar April 18th – Cancelled

Group Prayers live on HSS Facebook for next
few weeks

The group is praying together for the good Health and safety of everyone
The Facebook live OM chanting was done last Sunday morning
At our own homes,
Please join us  Mahamrityunjaya mantra on FACEBOOK Next Sunday, March 29th  10:00am for 15 minutes
Temple Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hindusocietyofsaskatchewan
We wish, everyone to be safe and healthy

HSS service to our Seniors (over 75 years)
(for next few weeks)

For groceries, please order on-line and get delivered to your home
Otherwise order on-line and pay for your groceries
HSS volunteers will pick up groceries and deliver outside your home.
This way seniors stay away from the volunteers delivering groceries.
BIG thank you to our young Volunteers, for offering this `Seva` to our seniors.

There is more demand for this service than the numbers of volunteers available therefore,

priority will be given to those who are in more need.
please call Leela 306-380-7737 for this service.

Buying Groceries

The safest way for everyone is to order the Groceries online

There are many stores which provide on-line groceries.

For your convenience, few are listed:

Indian Groceries

Bombay Spices – 306-978-9894 – FREE delivery

Pardessi Bazaar -306-683-9550 – pickup only

Other stores

Walmart, Superstore and save-on-foods

Free Deliveries

Unit #20 1503 8th street East – 306-978-0375, Pharmacy 306-978-8890

126 Kensington Blvd -306-954-0075

Brighton – 151 Gibson Road – 306-651-7780


I sincerely hope that, all of you have escaped the coronavirus infection,
and have remained in good health during this difficult time.
I would like to thank all of you who have offered their special prayers
for the well being of the community members.

As you all know that our temple has remained closed since last few weeks as per health advisory recommendation. We do not know as to how long this situation will continue. This situation creates real financial challenges for us to pay the monthly mortgage and expenses for the maintenance
of the temple and Gita Bhawan. I am writing you the financial status for your understanding, so you can appreciate the present financial situation.

(i) We have lost the income from regular weekly Arti funds
(Approximately $1000 a month)

(ii) We lost income from major functions like Ram Navami!

(iii) We lost the rental income from regular renters.
(Approximately $3000 a month)

(iv) This year the Annual banquet is cancelled
The Banquet raises significant amount of funds
(approximately $20,000 to $25,000) for the temple,
which takes care of yearly temple expenses
(Utilities, insurance, cleaning, etc.)

This has created a shortfall, which we must meet
to discharge our financial obligations.
Presently, the temple is getting income from two sources, which is not enough to run temple smoothly and also, pay the monthly mortgage.

(i) Monthly pre-authorized income $2000
(ii) The suite rent $1300

It is my humble appeal to all of you to come forward and make commitments to monthly donations big or small, within your capacity, so we can continue to provide the best service to the community as we have been.
Remember that, our scriptures tell us that,
Donations (Daan – दान ) for a noble cause brings purity to our wealth.
The pre-authorized form is attached

Stay Safe and HealthyFollow the advice from The Health Providers