Happy Navratri

Greetings from the ADVISORY Committee of the HINDU SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN.

This is a plea for financial contributions for the continued maintenance of our Temple. The temple is usually maintained on

  1. Voluntary donations from devotees
  2. Dedicated Fund-raising events -such as the Vegetarian Banquets/ special Poojas etc.
  3. Weekly collections from the Hundi – from devotees who attend in person

In the current COVID times, unfortunately the above sources of revenue have been greatly hampered to the extent that the Board is encountering difficulty in maintaining the day-to-day expenses of the temple and in addition–upholding the monthly mortgage payments.

So far, for the past year, the Board has been managing these expenses with limited revenue on a strained budget and by dipping into the reserve funds. In this context, the reserve funds are being depleted and are currently at a critical level of deep concern.

Unfortunately, in the current climate of uncertainty, we have no idea (time projection) of how long this current situation will prevail.

We, as the Advisory Committee members, together with the Temple Board members earnestly appeal for your contributions towards this cause -in whatever amounts that is appropriate and affordable in each of your personal situations.

The contributions can be made in the following manner

  1. Single payment donations whenever possible
  2. Monthly/bi weekly standing order payments
  3. Any other forms of payment suitable to your personal situations.

All donations will receive a tax receipt for the year in which the contribution was made.

Please contact President, Treasurer or Fundraising Coordinator for any further information/clarification regarding banking /financial details as/if needed.

Thank you kindly for all your support, as always . The details are also attached.

From: Members of the Advisory Board
Dr. Mini Khurana,
Dr. Kempe Gowda
Dr. Selliah Kanthan

Hindu Society of Saskatchewan Annual Vegetarian Virtual Banquet by Zoom

Please phone:
Saskatoon: Myhtili Venkatraman 306-934-5932 or Leela Sharma 306-380-7737
Prince Albert: Dr. Lalita Malhotra @ 306-763-7039
North Battleford: Dr. Mini Khurana @ 306-441-7606
Thanks for your encouragement and your enthusiasm. Thank you to many sponsors.
Thanks to Kuldip Singh of “Black Pepper” for cooking and delivering the meals.
Meeting ID: 562 172 649
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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)of the Hindu Society of Saskatchewan will be held online on Friday, April 30th 2021, at 6.30 PM
*The meeting will be open from 5:45-6:30pm for mandatory registration of HSS members.
Please contact the nomination committee for any additional details required.

The committee members are: