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Harmonium Classes in Temple

After the Hindu Temple of Saskatoon was established, more and more programs were initiated to make it a center of not just religion but learning and culture. Volunteers who were talented and knowledgeable in the fields initiated language Suniti [...]

Suresh Kalagnanam

HSS went through a tumultuous time with the untimely demise of Dr. Lakshman. HSS is very fortunate that Dr. Suresh  Kalagnanam was able to provide his expertise in leading some of the poojas for the temple at [...]

Gurunathan Lakshman

HSS has been offering rich spiritual experiences through their outstanding services to the Hindu community of Saskatoon. The community has been generous in taking care of the temple’s operating expenses in many ways. One such effort was [...]

Indra Khosla

She moved to Saskatoon with her family Anil Khosla and two children from Kenya in 1979. Indra worked for many years at the Saskatchewan Research Council as a lab technician. Indra is always caring, helping, smiling, loving, and affectionate [...]

Suniti Saini

Suniti Saini came to Saskatoon with her husband Om Saini and three children in mid-seventy. She had a Masters in Sanskrit and Hindi. She got a teaching position in Department of Religious Studies University of Saskatchewan. Other than teaching [...]