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Happy Shivaratri Celebrations – March 11th at 7pm by Zoom

Our thanks to Mr. Bala Muthuswamy for conducting

The Mahashivratri Pooja By Zoom

The Holy Festival dedicated to Lord Shiva will be celebrated on Thursday, 11th March, 2021, at 7pm on Zoom (please see Zoom link)

It is one of the most significant festivals for Hindus.

Devotees are request to keep the following Pooja items before the Pooja starts and follow the instructions given by Mr. Muthuswamy.

Ganapathi Puja:

Ganesha Idol and Puja thali/plate

Abhishekam to Lord Shiva:


Milk – purifying one’s life and good Health

Yogurt –prosperity

Honey –sweet speech

Ghee –victory

Sugar – happiness

Coconut-Water -purity

Kumkum – Shakti and Chaitanya

Akshata – (Rice)ability to attract five prime deities, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva, Lord Shri Krishna and Sri Ram




Diya – symbol of the Self

Please join Zoom and celebrate this auspicious day of

Maha Shivratri with your family by offering special prayers to Lord Shiva

Everyone is welcome to attend the Pooja.

The sponsorship is $31.00 per family,

please send by cheque to temple address or phone us to pick-up the cheque/cash from your own home or just

E-Transfer: [email protected]
Meeting ID: 562 172 649
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