I have been given the privilege and responsibility again to serve you in the capacity of the President of Hindu Society of Saskatchewan. My family and I have been part of this community since our arrival to Saskatoon in 1982. I have served the community in a number of capacities over the years including being President of HSS from 1991-93. This has been a humbling experience and I am most grateful to the community and Lord Lakshmi Narayan for this.

The temple is not only a place for us to socialize and do our religious practice but also it is a source of inspiration and our self development. Especially for our young generation who are at different stages of development in their lives, the temple offers tremendous opportunities for them to participate and get experiences like organizational skill, volunteerism, knowledge of our culture and scriptures which they may not have anywhere else. We have ambitions to develop special programs for children and seniors, to have full time priest at the temple and open the temple for daily worship. We now have beautiful temple hall, Gita Bhawan, which we can use in so many different ways to serve the community.
All these ambitions and vision for the future is only possible with support of all of you. We may have difference of opinions on many things but our democratic process should guide us to overcome these differences and work together for the common goals. The difference of opinions must never divide us. We are strong unified community and must always stand together.

We have significant financial obligations and challenges but I am confident that with the help of my able board members and your support we will discharge our duties in the efficient and best possible manner.

I thank the outgoing HSS Board members for their contributions:

Bhagyalakshmi Desemsetty – Secretary
Pragnesh Patel – Treasurer
Neelam Chaukla – Facility Coordinator
Vishal Jheengut – Outreach Coordinator
Sunil Sohani – Member At large
Satish Goyal – Member At large

Please see attached the report.

Thanks to Dr. Madan Gupta (Chair), Mrs. Maya Chakravarti and Dr. Kishore Gali for taking the responsibilities for nominations for the HSS Board for 2020-2021 and Dr. Sunil Yadav for being the Presiding Officer for the Election of HSS Board.

Welcome new board

Leela Sharma – President
Amit Dhawan – Vice-President
Bhagyalakshmi Desemsetty – Secretary
Harsha Patel – Treasurer
Mythili Venkatramn – Fundraising Coordinator
Jaishree Babu – Program Coordinator
Satish Goyal – Facility Coordinator
Renuka Sharma – Outreach Coordinator
Neelam Chaukla – Member At Large
Amit Darjee – Member At Large
Ajai Dalai – Past President

Advisory board members stay same

Dr. Mini Khurana (Chair), Dr. Jawahar (Jay) Kalra (Vice-Chair), Dr. Kempe Gowda, Dr. Braj Sinha and Mr. Subash Biswal

FUNDRASING EVENTS – Mythili Venkatraman (Coordinator)

  1. Walkathon – June 2020. The walk was attended by 17 members only. Thanks to all who attended.
  2. Rudrabhishekam Sundays until August 16th

Other events and festivals:

Sawan Somvar  Rudrabhishekam are done on Sundays by Mr. Bala Muthuswami, July 26th, August 16th

One or two sponsor family and Balaji will be doing the puja at the alter, starting at 10:30am. If anyone wants to sponsor, please let us know. The sponsorship is $151 per family.

Thanks to Mr. Bala Muthuswami for conducting the Puja and the sponsor families for their sponsorships. Only 30 devotees are allowed at the time at the temple. With God’s grace, it is going very well. Please join the Rudrabhishekam at the temple or live on Facebook.

Our Seniors and physically disable members

The board welcomes our seniors or physically disable members to visit the temple in their own convenience. Please let us know, we will open the temple for you any day!! (306) 380-7737.

Ayodhya Gets ready for RAM MANDIR BHUMI-PUJAN – August 5th

Two nights of “Diwali-like celebrations” in Ayodhya started at sunset today (Tuesday evening Saskatoon), with Ram Ki Paidi being lit up with around 1.5 lakh earthen lamps.

Please join temple Facebook for chanting sloka at 7:30-8:00pm, this evening (August 4th)

राम राम रामेति रमे रामे मनोरमे 
सहस्रनाम तत्तुल्यं रामनाम वरानने 

By meditating on “Rama Rama Rama” (the Name of Rama), my Mind gets absorbed in the Divine Consciousness of Rama, which is Transcendental,

The Name of Rama is as Great as the Thousand Names of God (Vishnu Sahasranama).

Krishna Janmashtami – Gokul Ashtami Puja Wednesday, August 12

Dr. Gopal Venkat will be conducting the puja.

Because of the public health restrictions and advisory we are allowed to have gathered of 50 people but the temple hall cannot accommodate 50 devotees at one time with social distance, therefore, we are only allowing 30 devotees at a time.

It is mandatory for all the visitors to practice the following guidelines:


  • Please write your name and phone numbers in the guest-book before entering the temple every time you visit temple. Please respect the volunteer and follow the guidelines.
  • Only 30 devotees at a time is allowed at the temple main hall
  • In case more than 30 devotees visit, you are requested to minimize your stay at the temple to give chance to other. Volunteers will give indication of sound of bell to shorten the visit. Please follow the instructions from the temple board members and volunteers
  • Devotees should be prepared to wait in a queue for their turn to enter the temple.
  • Devotees must use face-Masks.
  • Devotees should use hand-sanitizer (available at the entrance) before entry.
  • Devotees should Co-Operate with volunteers and all other safety guidelines.
  • Parents should ensure that children will practice social distancing.
  • Devotees are allowed to ENTER only from the main prayer hall and EXIT from Gita-Bhawan doors.
  • Access to Gita Bhawan Hall and basements will remain closed.
  • Offering of any food/fruits or flowers to the Lord and distribution of same are not permissible inside the temple

Please visit temple Facebook and join the Puja.

Ganesh Chaturthi is on Friday, August 21st, Puja at 7:30pm

More Details to follow

Regarding the HSS (Temple) Emails:

If you are not receiving emails from the temple or want to discontinue emails from the temple, please visit temple’s website “saskatoontemple.net”. Please subscribe or unsubscribe your mail.

We, as the HSS Board are here to serve you better and aim to foster the spirit of community friendship, peace and devotion to the Lord Lakshmi Narayan.