We pray to Lord Lakshmi Narayan for love, strength, good health and
courage to everyone during this difficult time.
We hope, you all are doing good and remained in good health.
It is not easy to stay at the home for this long
Hopefully, this stressful time will end soon.


The Indian Student Association (ISA) from University of Saskatchewan has contacted our Temple for help to buy groceries as many university students have lost their monthly income and are not eligible for government assistance. The university is partly helping them find rental solutions but, many are struggling with groceries. Some students have their families with children here and they need our help more than ever.

The HSS board met and we created “HSS COVID-19 RELIEF FUND” to help International students
The fund will be managed by the HSS board to help buy groceries for students. Approximately 60 students are in dire need of help.
We humbly request to our generous members to please contribute to this fund to help them.

Each student will be given a food parcel comprising of (rice, flour/aata, 3 different dal, 1 can chick peas or rajma, 2lb potatoes, spices, tea bags etc.) worth approximately $25 We estimated that this amount of food will last them for two weeks and then will be repeated as required.
We will be able to add more items to the parcel depending on the amount of donation we collect. We anticipate that the number of students needing help will grow more than 60.

To expedite the process, please consider donating by
E-transfer [email protected]
This way the funds can be properly directed.
Also, please write your name and contact when E-transferring the money,

If you would like to offer additional assistance to university students,
please contact Leela Sharma @ 306-380-7737 or any of the HSS board member
A donation receipt will be provided.
A detailed report of this relief fund success will be provided
to our members and donors in due process.
Please beware of fraudulent activities of people if representing HSS members.
If in doubt, please contact
Leela Sharma at 306-380-7737 and Vishal Jheengut at 306-260 -7195.

Thank you to all the devotees for donating money by cheques,
E-transfers, monthly pre-authorized donors and
also, who newly joined the monthly pre-authorized payments
Special thanks to those who donated the banquet ticket and corporate tables money to the temple
This temple can not run smoothly and provide help to the community
in many ways, without your help
Lord Lakshmi Narayan bless you all
Appreciate for coming forward and offering
your help to the temple at this difficult time
Thank you once again for your generosity
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Saskatoon Open Door Society is starting a project to get 10000 cloth facemasks sewn by volunteer members in the community for use in non medical settings in order to reduce person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 virus.
Please see attached for more information.

Please keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

Follow the advice from The Health Providers