We pray to Lord Lakshmi Narayan for love, strength, good health and
courage to everyone during this difficult time.
We hope, you all are doing good and remained in good health.


The HSS AGM which is scheduled for April 26th is postponed until further notice, because of the public safety concerns and public health advisory by the government of Saskatchewan restricting all public gatherings / meetings.
We wish all of you to stay safe during this pandemic.
Once the situation is deemed to be safe to conduct the meeting,
we will announce a new date for the AGM.

Up-coming Zoom Program
Please join Temple’s Sunday Service
on Zoom

April 19th – 10:30am to 11:15am
Conducted by Sunil Sohani


Meeting ID: 562 172 649
Same format as regular temple service
Please follow temple bhajan book
Page 1.1 Manglacharanam
Page 1.2 Prarthana
Page 14 Ganesha Stuti
Bhajans – from book and Volunteers
Religious talk by Leena Mennon
Kirtan and Aarti
Anyone wants to sing a bhajan,
please let us know