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Our History

Shri Lakshami Narayan Temple, located at 107 La Ronge Road, Saskatoon, Constructed during 1984-85 was formally inaugurated on March 31, 1985. The Temple is a beautiful specimen of Hindu architecture that has adorned the landscape of Saskatoon. It was probably in the early sixties that a few members of Hindu community made Saskatoon their new home. Within a short span of their settling here, a need was felt to find means and ways to meet their deep spiritual yearnings and religious aspirations. In February 1969, the eminent and eloquent Swami Ranganathanand (Ramakrishna Order of the Vedanta Society) visited Saskatoon. The Swami inspired the community to start satsang, regular devotional gathering, which began to be held in individual devotees homes. Soon the need for a Temple was felt and sometime in the year 1974, a Hindu Temple Fund was established and Vedanta Society of Saskatchewan on June 20, 1977 (later renamed as Hindu Society of Saskatchewan in the year 1986) was formed.
It kicked off with the celebration of Janmashtami (the birth of Lord Krishna) at the Hotel Delta Bessborough in September 1977. Swami Swahanandaji of the Vedanta Society of Southern California was the invited speaker for this occasion. As number of devotees grew with time the venue for the major Hindu festivals and regular meetings was moved to the Unitarian Church at the Corner of 10th Street and Eastlake Avenue. In 1981, an old church on 5th Street East was acquired which housed the first Hindu Temple in Saskatoon. Swami Bawaraji Maharaj performed the opening ceremony of this temple. Soon the space available on the 10th Street church seemed also to be small. A committee was constituted in 1983 to explore the possibility of building a new temple. As a result the lot on 107 La Ronge Road in Saskatoon was acquired. Swami Bhasyanandaji of Vivekananda Society of Chicago and the then Saskatoon Mayor Cliff Wright performed the groundbreaking ceremony on the consecrated land on April 8, 1984. A year later, on the day of Ramanavami celebration (March 31, 1985) the dream of the Saskatoon Hindu community to have a temple came true. To meet the needs of a growing community, the temple was expanded further during 2002-2003 by adding new wings on both south and north side of the existing sanctum sanctorum.The temple, in addition to providing a place for worship, also offers various other necessary services to the community. For example, wedding ceremonies, special prayer meetings, memorials, music events, yoga and language classes take place in the temple. Also spiritual discourses, meditation sessions, workshops and seminars are organized for general public as well as youth groups. Many invited scholars also visit the temple to impart their wisdom and knowledge to benefit the community at large.
The Hindu Society also very strongly believes in its obligation to Multi-Faith and Multi Cultural Society in Canada to inform people of other faiths about Hinduism and thereby bring good understanding of each others faith and mutual respect. It has been actively involved in organizing, sponsoring and participating in many multi faith and charitable activities for which the Saskatoon Hindu community is well recognized. Honourable Lorne Calvert, the Premier of Saskatchewan as the Chief Guest at the Annual Vegetarian Banquet of the Temple (March 7, 2002) announced the donation to the University of Saskatchewan for the establishment of Vedanta Endowment Lecture Fund at the University. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the province of Saskatchewan in 2004-05, the Hindu Society of Saskatchewan will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its foundation in 2005.
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