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Upcoming Events


September month temple upcoming events

Bhagawath Saptha from September 15-21

Bhagawath Saptha. Dewaki Nandan Thakur from India will be doing Katha. Shrimad Bhagwat Kalash Yatra is in the beginning of the Bhagwat katha on Sep 15th at 6:30pm. Hindu Soceity of Saskatchewan would like to invite ladies to join. To join Kalash Yatra donation per person is $51.00. Bhagwat Katha timings on Sep 15th, Sep 18th, Sep 19th, Sep 20th and Sep 21st from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Timings on Sep 16th and Sep 17th from 11:00am to 1:00p.Bhojan prasad will be served daily following Bhagwat Aarti. This event will be organized by the Vedic Centre of Saskatoon.

Durga Puja – Sept 23 (Saturday)

Durga Puja 2017 organized by Saskatoon Durga Puja Celebration Committee. All of you are cordially invited to celebrate festival of worshipping the divine goddess Durga on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Join us with your family and friends in this gracious celebration, sharing this moment of happiness.

Puja Events (September 23, 2017) Morning 9:50 am Abahon

10:00 am Puja 11:30 am Pushpanjali

12:00 noon Bhog, arati, songs

1:00 pm Lunch Prasad

Evening 7:00 pm Arati and Prayer

7:30 pm Cultural Program

9:00 pm Prasad

Please contact Arati Chattopadhyay (President) 306-261-0556 Souparno Bandyopadhyay (Vice President) 306-515-1015 Shankar Das (Treasurer) 306-867-3737 Supratim Ghosh (Secretory) 306-241-9282.

Free Child Car Safety Inspection Clinic (Sept 24 - Sunday: 12.30 pm 3 pm at the temple)

Hindu Society of Saskatchewan is organizing this clinic for families with babies and small children. Thanks to Vishal Jhengut for organizing this clinc, SGI and City of Saskatoon Police Services for this clinic..

Free Child’s Car seat inspection Clinic

Clinic Date: September 24th 2017

Time: 1230-1500

Location: At Shri Lakshmi Narayan Temple

For more information Please phone: Vishal Jheengut (306)260-7195 or Leela Sharma (306)380-7737 or Ajay Dalai (306)-222-3825

Saskatoon Sharbojonin Puja Porishod ( SSPP) is celebrating Durga puja on Saturday September 30 and Sunday October 1st at the Gita Bhawan.

The committee cordialy invite you along with your family and friends to celebrate the puja For more information, please contact the President of SSPP Chanchal Roy 306-717-0600 Kamanashish Deb 306-262-6000 Devdut Mozumder 306-261-2329 Sumon Das 306-850-1896 Utpal paul 306-715-4069 Taposhi Poddar 306-954-3800 Alok Chowdhury 306-341-8179.


October month temple upcoming events

Karva Choth is on Oct 8th (Sunday)

The katha will start at 1pm at the temple. Pleae be in time to attend the puja. The temple is booked from 3 pm therefore, we would like to finish the program by 2:30pm n.

Odishi Dance Performance – Tarangini – October 4th (Wednesday) at Broadway Theatre.

Celebrating Canada 150 with Odissi dance performance. Hindu Society of Saskatchewan together with Broadway Theatre and Culture connections Regina presenting a Odissi Dance. Performed by: Deba Mitra , Sen Gupta and Team from Kolkata, India Tickets: front rows $100 each; regular tickets are $15; Children under 10 years $5. Please see the poster attached. Thanks to Kishore Gali for organizing this program.

For more information please call Kishore Gali (306) 281-0039, Ajay Dalai (306) 222-3825 or Leela Sharma (306) 380-7737

Bhagwat Katha from Oct 13th to 19th at the Gita Bhawan

Vedic Centre of Saskatoon has rescheduled the Bhagwat Katha from Oct 13th to 19th at the Gita Bhawan, Shri Davki Nandhan Takurji Maharaj Please contact Mr. Bala Mutuswami for more information. 306-370-2636

Kalas Yatra in Gita Bhawan: 5.30 pm on October 13th

HSS invite all the ladies to take part in this very auspicious Yatra at the beginning of the Bhagwat Katha stapna. We invite all the ladies to take part in this special event. The cost to join this yatra is $51. You will receive a brass Kalas, coconut, leaves and blessings from the Lord. Please phone Mayadi at 306-933-1173 or Myhtili at 306-934-5932 to register. The dress code for the ladies is red or yellow sari or salwar suit. Please be at the temple by 5:00pm. Most of the kalasa is gone, we only have 12 kalasha left, therefore, please hurry and reserve your kalasa for this very auspicious yatra. 306-370-2636

Diwali this year is on October 19th (Thursday).

The temple will be open that evening

Laxmi Pooja – Oct 22nd

Our sincere thanks to Dr. & Mrs Rai for coordinating the Priti Bhoj Suresh Kalagnanam will conduct the Laxmi Pooja. thanks to Anu Kashap (306 651-1026) and Raj Dhir (306 374-4882) for taking the responsibility of collecting the sponsors names, donations, arranging the devotees pooja thalis, and giving the gift etc. We are giving a bag and a calendar as a blessed gift to sponsors. Thanks to Venkat Charmathi for getting the bags from India and also thanks to Amit Dhawan of Real Buy Furniture for sponsoring the calendars. Please give your names for Laxmi Pooja sponsorship. The Laxmi Pooja sponsorship is $51 per family.

HSS Banquet – Saturday, March 17th

The temple Vegetarian banquet is on March 17, 2018. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend the banquet. More details to follow.